About Gyanika

Gyanika Thakkar is a professional garment designer from India, reputed for her exquisite and elegant fashion creations. Her collections which are portrayed with an appreciable degree of finesse are on display at her own fashion studio at Gyanika Thakkar Shop. Hailing from Nagpur and having been born in a family of businessmen, Gyanika has been exposed to the nuances of business from quite an early stage. Initially though she desired to make a career in her family line itself, she found that she was more inclined to a creative side, and encouraged by her mother began her foray into fashion through garment design.

She delved deep into the subject of contemporary clothing for a considerable time and was able to comprehend the intricacies of varied international and vernacular garment design.Her passion with fashion led her to pursue her professional education in the same line as she initially learnt the elements of the art at Cadence Academy in Nagpur,  through various certificate courses in fashion studies. Her sketches and designs appealed to several fashion aficionados and critics and they motivated her to enrol at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai.

This soon became an obsession to Gyanika and she prepared herself assiduously to obtain a seat amidst some heavy completion. Her relentless determination won her a place at NIFT which was a dream come true. Here over a period of time she mastered the infinitesimal subtleties of the art venturing to fathom far and deep into the subject and also learnt how it can be effectively translated to a successful business. Gyanika’s familiarity with clothing design is astonishingly thorough as she plays with colours, shapes, textures, lines, fabrics, cuts, and their construction. She can identify and recommend the most appropriate designs for each body type and the complexion of an individual, also based on his or her persona, taste and personal preferences. Knowing the essence of contemporary fashion and people’s wide choices, her creations speak only the language of excellence through a fine balance that actually, could take decades of experience.

Gyanika’s strong exposure to a repertoire of traditional, western, modern, and fusion fashion styles has also thoroughly acquainted her to the constantly changing trends of Indian and global fashion. Owing to her absolute grasp over the domain, she has already reached the stature of a renowned designer in her social circles and also has reached out to professional circuits through her outstanding work. Gifted with a keen sense of creativity and stunning artistic visualization, Gyanika is known for conjuring some of the most exotic designs in contemporary and traditional fashion, resulting in her being one of the most sought after fashion stylists in the neighbourhood.

Steady in ethnic wear, bridal attires and a melange of colourfully appealing styles, Gyanika has also conducted several shows at Nagpur and Mumbai to showcase her brilliance which has been commended over and again. Gyanika keeps herself constantly update with trends and technologies in the sector both nationally and internationally and aims to be among the top global designers within the next five years. Looking at David Tlale, a South African icon of global fashion, she says it is professionals as he that have defined global garment design today and she visualizes herself akin to him in a few years from now. With her fierce passion towards this profession, Gyanika Thakkar in the near future is certain to contribute significantly towards making meaningful changes across the international fashion domain, of the contemporary world.