Western Collection

Model 1301

Enhance the divine mesmerism of the twilight with the gracefulness of your presence adorned in this flowing floor length evening gown created with netted fabric and crepe, woven intermittently with zari work and dotted in pearls, presented to you by Gyanika Thakkar.

Model 1302

Look bold in this evening attire that carries you in charming grace as the heaving robe flows to the floor. With its fabric crafted in georgette and crepe, the workmanship expresses intricate laying of pearls, silver and golden sticks around the design and stuns one in its infinite charm.

Model 1303

This exotic wearable adornment encloses the charm of ultra-grace from the elegant lady in you with its lush velvet and crepes along winter tones, set in noire black, tantalisingly infused in its golden accents, and beauteous pearls.

Model 1304

Western style wear for an evening gown crafted in georgette, crepe and velvet, the embroidery worked in black sticks and golden combinations disseminates subtle grace with the flowing floor length drapery. An elegantly mastered design of excellent clothing that simply carries one away and floors your envious neighbour.

Model 1305

This simply bewitching evening gown that comes in black is designed to bring out the ultimate feminine charm in you and leave your partner breathless with your beauty and grace. In a silhouette of net and canton the garment is also drawn in crepe and velvet and is beautified in sleeveless grace while gathering at the waist. A sure promise to win over that someone you always wanted.

Model 1306

This brilliant craftsmanship of Gyanika comes to you in Olive Green, signifying pride, wisdom, royalty and stature. Enhance your reginal beauty draping your lovely self in, in this piece de resistance created in fine lustrous silk, interlaced with crepe and net handwork.

Model 1307

This gorgeous piece of class is unique in its wholesomely tantalising beauty. Made of georgette fabric, the dress interwoven with lovely pearls carries a touch of glittering sunshine in its silhouettes of crepe, and mesmerises one with its loving and gentle flow.

Model 1308

A classy creation that flows rhythmically to your movement crafted from fine fabric of georgette and crepe in western style with a Guajarati flavour. Embroidered in mirror work and diamond, this light weight creation from Gyanika Thakkar is inspired by the trending fashion concept of flare or panels. Adorn yourselves within this beauteous piece of apparel and convey your gorgeousness with aplomb.

Model 1309

A loving ensemble and a sweetheart shaped off shoulder evening gown with a silhouette of net fabric and crepe hosting a chocolate theme. This marvellous creation is both light weight and flowy giving off a feel of rich subtlety in its completeness.

Model 1310

Flaunt the mesmerising grace in you wearing this magnificent A-line evening gown made along a silhouette of printed georgette, crepe and cotton silk. With embroidery of pearl and diamond work, this adorable straight fit is rendered with a belt of diamond stones and pearls, with an appealing V shaped neck and is attractively pleated. With a border of cotton silk this floor length attire enhances your beauty and gives you the poise of true grace.

Model 1311

A loving ensemble and a sweetheart shaped off shoulder evening gown with a silhouette of net fabric and crepe hosting a chocolate theme. This marvellous creation is both light weight and flowy giving off a feel of rich subtlety in its completeness.

Model 1312

Make your presence felt in this western style gown with the upper front embroidered in handwork of golden pearl and diamonds, and drawn into golden leaves. With a silhouette of velvet, crepe and shimmer, this alluring fitment is created in lycra fabric in a fish-cut line design that enhances the inner grace in you. This beautiful outfit is conceptualised to have a bejewelled look while not wearing any accessories and is the first trial gown of the model that is also light weight.

Model 1313

That ‘beauty lies in simplicity’ is not just an artistic statement, but demonstrated here with great perfection. This lovely evening gown sewn and drawn up in shimmer, crepe, raw silk and velvet is light in weight and is gorgeously presented with loving bell sleeves that make a lady lovelier than ever before. With a black velvet lace at the waist, the look exudes royalty amidst simplicity, while the boat neck design makes one crave for being enclosed within it. An astoundingly delightful wear from Gyanika!

Model 1314

Wear this to wow everyone with its mesmerising charm and elegance that sets you a class ahead. Inspired by a natural tree form, this piece of grandiose sewn in velvet and crepe is printed with digital embroidery and flows to floor length while pin tucked on the upper form. A truly royal picture of art and beauty for the woman of class.

Model 1315

A robe fit for a princess! Charm all around as you sail across with your rich countenance through this soft spun garment crafted from georgette, crepe and net fabric. The long trail behind flows royally with a net yoke at the garment’s front and back, magnifying your beauty manifold, while the golden broach at the waist gives a majestic look creating a sense of loving grace and warm appeal to the eye. A royal attire worthy of a queen!